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[Update 10/31/2015]

Voice your objection to Senate Bill S. 1979 that would impose a modern identity upon the Kennewick Man.

Download this Letter in opposition to Senate Bill S.1979 "Bring the Ancient One Home Act". Senator Patty Murray of Washington State is the sponsor of this bill. We ask that you download this letter, print, sign, and mail it to Senator Murray. We urge her to thoroughly consider the implications and consequences of S.1979 and to withdraw the bill.

We offer an opinion in the Seattle Times concerning the U.S. Army Corps Engineers' handling of human skeletal remains recently found on the Columbia River [posted 9/15/09]
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Documents related to NAGPRA 2010 regulations for the disposition of culturally unidentified remains.

NEW: Letter from the American Association of Museums [posted 6/7/10]

Directors of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American Indian and the National Musuem of Natural History, and 41 prominent scientists (all members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences) weigh in AGAINST the DOI's FInal Rule.

MORE: a growing list of related articles and testimony.

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-- Comparison of taphonomic interpretations (1999-2000 vs 2005 studies) [posted 3/03/06]
-- Picture of the prototype of the projectile point [posted 3/01/06]
-- Pictures from the taphonomic study in July 2005 [posted 1/06/06]
--The approval process to gain access to study [updated 2/17/06]
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The Spirit Cave Case

The Spirit Cave Man Lawsuit - still no resolution [updated 9/11/09]

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