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Comment on "Ancient Encounters" by James Chatters

Ancient Encounters by Jim Chatters, is a first-hand account from a participant (rather than arm chair observer) in the early events of the recovery of the Kennewick Man. Chatters' style is engaging, straightforward, and informative. In addition, he presents in clear, readable language the various kinds of scientific expertise needed to understand early human characteristics, and the archaeology and ecology of Columbia River Basin 9,000 years ago. His descriptions of other First Americans puts the Kennewick Man into a context that reminds us how little we know and how much there is to learn.

Eventually other books will be written by the various people involved with the discovery and the lawsuit that continues unresolved, five years later. It will take them all to create a complete picture. The opportunity is ripe for in-depth assessments from all perspectives.

In the meantime, those ready to move from superficial sound bites, limited news accounts, and strong, emotion-based opinions and accusations will find solid grist in Ancient Encounters. Chatters has written a compelling account that deserves our attention.

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