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Press Release - No Bone Unturned by Jeff Benedict [posted 6/5/03]

Book Review - No Bone Unturned by Jeff Benedict [posted 5/27/03]

The Kennewick Man Case by Glynn Custred, Science Insights, National Association of Scholars [posted 12/14/02]

Kennewick Man: The Three Million Dollar Skeleton by Alan Schneider, attorney for the plaintiffs [posted 11/28/02]

Judge Rules Scientists Can Study Kennewick Man by Bradley Lepper, Mammoth Trumpet [posted 11/28/02]

Book Review - In Search of Ice Age Americans by Dr. Kenneth Tankersley [posted 11/01/02]

What is a Native American? by Alan Schneider [posted 07/24/01]

Book Announcement - "Ancient Encounters" by James Chatters [posted 05/16/01]

A Conversation with "Ancient Encounters" Author James Chatters [posted 05/16/01]

Burying American Archaeology [posted 09/28/00]

Battle of the Bones [posted 07/17/00]

The Mother of Indiana Jones [posted 06/11/00]

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