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The Kennewick Man Case


Pictures from Taphonomic Study in July - posted 01/06/06

The Army Corps Process to Approve Study - documents from 2002 to 2005 - posted 01/06/06

Scientists' Study Plan as approved by the Army Corps of Engineers - posted 6/28/05

Summary - updated 12/14/02
A brief summary of why the lawsuit was brought, those involved, and the issues the Court addressed in the August 2002 Opinion.

Post Opinion - posted 12/14/02
A summary of the legal steps taken since the August 29, 2002 opinion.

Chronology - updated 12/14/02
Highlights of the case from 1996 - 2002. Key events, questions the Court directed the Corps to answer, and quotes from the June 1997 Opinion which remanded the case back to the Corps of Engineers.

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