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The Kennewick Man Case

Press Releases & Public Statements

Plaintiffs' statement on Tribal Motion to Intervene [posted 9/9/04]

Plaintiffs' statement: Court limits participants [posted 8/18/04]

Plaintiffs' statement on tribes response in opposition to dismissal [posted 8/4/04]

Plaintiffs' statement: Ninth Circuit denies tribes' petition for en banc hearing. [posted 4/20/04]

Plaintiffs' statement on the tribes' petition for en banc hearing. [posted 3/22/04]

Summary of Plaintiffs' Study Plan [posted 11/26/02]

Plaintiffs Statement on Judge's Decision [posted 08/30/02]

Kennewick Man Presentation Slated [posted 04/17/00]

Cultural Affiliation Studies Underway [posted 01/13/00]

Government's Study Announcement and Plaintiff's Response [posted 02/11/99]

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