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Judge Jelkerks: Motion Under Advisement

United States District Court

District of Oregon

Civil Minutes

Case No.: CV 96-1481-JE Date of Proceeding: February 8, 2000

Case Title: Bonnichsen et al., v. USA, et al.

Presiding Judge: John Jelderks

Docket Entry:

RECORD OF ORDER: SETTING the Govt's MOTION TO MODIFY THE 9/21/99 SCHEDULING ORDER TO ALLOW FOR ADDITIONAL TIME TO DO DNA ANALYSIS [245-1] on Judge Jelderks' under advisement calendar of 3/6/00.

What does this mean?

The Court issued this order on February 8, the day after the Plaintiffs' Response to Motion for Extension was filed (2/7). In addition, the government has promised to decide within a few weeks if they will conduct DNA studies. It is likely that the complexities of the issues from both sides, plus the government's promised decision, will take some time for the Court to digest. The Court's response is scheduled for March 6, 2000.

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