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The Kennewick Man Case | Court Documents

Opinions and Orders

Jelderks denies tribes' motion to intervene [order: 12/15/04 - posted 3/9/05]

Jelderks rules tribes have no "...legally cognizable interest which entitles them to participate..." [order: 8/17/04 - posted 10/4/04]

Jelderks moots request, grants motion to clarify [posted 8/18/04]

Ninth Circuit denies tribal petition for rehearing [posted 4/20/04]

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion [Searchable format] [or download the Bonnichsen decision in pdf format [posted 02/04/04]

Judge Denies Tribal Claimants' Motion for a Stay Pending Appeal [posted 01/08/03]

Jelderks Civil Minutes of phone conference [posted 10/24/02]

Download Judge's Opinion and Order in the Kennewick Man Lawsuit [316k PDF] [posted 08/30/02]

Judge Jelderks' Letter to Counsel [posted 06/19/02]

Court Opinion on Polynesian Motion to Intervene [posted 08/30/01]

Judge Replies to Three Motions [posted 02/12/01]

Judge Denies Yakama Nation's Motion [posted 08/07/00]

Court's Response to Defendants Request for Extra Time [posted 03/08/00]

Judge Jelkerks: Motion Under Advisement [posted 02/10/00]

Judge's Order of September 21, 1999 [posted 09/23/99]

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