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Prototype of the Projectile Point

The only cultural item found with the Kennewick Man skeleton is a projectile point still embedded in the bone of his right hip. The ilium fragment containing the point underwent the CT scanning process in June 2005. A polymer prototype was created from the scanned data.

Photo credit: Chip Clark, photographer, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian, with our thanks

A picture of the cast of this prototype will be posted as soon as it is released.

During the recent phase 3 studies (February 16-24, 2006) scientists began their discussions on the identity of the point. Earlier scientists identified the point as Cascade. However, the CT imaging revealed interesting new details. For example, the discussion is ongoing as to whether the base is broken or intact. Scientists are also interested in identifying the specific lithic material and its origin. They hope to gain permission from the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct further tests on the point.

We also offer special thanks to Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, whose generous gift made it possible for the scientists to pursue, with great success, the prototyping process. We also thank Art Andersen, Virtual Surfaces Inc., and Brian Wilcox, Point Data Marketing, Inc., and Mobile Scanning Laboratory, Inc., for their invaluable skills to deliver the prototypes on an extremely a tight schedule.

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