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The Kennewick Man Case

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Memorial scheduled for Robson Bonnichsen [posted 1/28/05]

Comment: Update October 2004 [posted 10/04/04]

Comment: Court limits participation [posted 08/18/04]

Comment: NCAI withdraws [posted 06/10/04]

Update Comment: Tribes' petition for rehearing - DOJ doesn't [posted 03/26/04]

Comment on the tribes' petition for rehearing [posted 03/22/04]

Comment on the 9th Circuit Opinion [posted 02/05/04]

9th Circuit hears oral arguments [posted 09/15/03]

Government's Shell Game with Kennwick Man Continues [posted 07/18/03]

Comment on the Amici appeals briefs [posted 06/27/03]

Government and tribes ask for more time [posted 06/02/03]

Scientists file replies to appeals [posted 05/23/03]

Court resets appeals calendar again [posted 05/17/03]

Amicus brief upsets appeals calendar [posted 04/10/03]

Opening Appeals Briefs and Observations [posted 04/03/03]

The Kennewick Man Case by Glynn Custred, Science Insights, National Association of Scholars [posted 12/14/02]

Kennewick Man: The Three Million Dollar Skeleton by Alan Schneider, attorney for the plaintiffs [posted 11/28/02]

Judge Rules Scientists Can Study Kennewick Man by Bradley Lepper, Mammoth Trumpet [posted 11/28/02]

Comments on the Appeals Process [updated 10/28/02]

Smithsonian Repeats Requests for Remains [posted 10/03/01]

What is a Native American? by Alan Schneider [posted 07/24/01]

Pictures Document the DOI/Corps' C14 Process [posted 07/07/01]

Summary of the Kennewick Hearing: June 19-20, 2001 [posted 06/22/01]

Summary of Plaintiffs' Opening Memorandum [posted 04/17/01]

Fifth Attorney for DOJ Takes Over [posted 04/05/01]

Plaintiffs File Amended Complaint [posted 04/02/01]

Highlights of the Status Conference [posted 10/25/00]

A Response to Your Questions [posted 01/14/00]

Alert: Burke Museum's Kennewick Lectures are Premature [posted 09/24/99]

Highlights of the Court Session on September 14, 1999 [posted 09/14/99]

What's the Kennewick Man Case Really About? [posted 08/11/99]

Mysterious Delays Plague Kennewick Man Lawsuit [posted 08/11/99]

Kennewick Man Myths [posted 04/08/99]

Defendants' Phase I Studies of the Kennewick Man Skeleton [posted 04/07/99]

A Blank Check, Arbitrary Decisions, and No Accountability [posted 02/23/99]

Court Ruling In Kennewick Man Case [posted 01/20/99]

Drawings of the Cracks on the Kennewick Man's Skull [posted 01/01/99]

The Inventory Report [posted 12/30/98]

Standing up for Science [posted 11/11/98]

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